Car Race Winner Million Dollar Pigeon Race

South Africa  

million dollar car

Below is “Hastings” 3 = 1st Balkanic Fair Play race flying 500km

CA1066-18 - Copy

Below is “Sinbad” father 1st prize 320km he is a “Super Breeder” of many top performances direct from “Bakkara” the phenomenal breeding hen, mother to Car Winner Million Dollar race.

“Sinbad” is half brother to the car winner and half brother to The “Animal” new foundation breeder for Guido Mardrusan from Ontario, Canada

“Venus” mother of “Hastings” 3 = 1st prize final 500km

“Dash” this is the nest brother to “Ali’s Dream” million dollar race sensation winning 4 x 1st U.K, in all flights million Dollar race 

30th H/Spot 340km 1756b, 58th H/Spot 288km 1947b, 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th U.K       133rd “ACE” Pigeon over all Hot Spot races Million Dollar Race.

The graph below shows the top results of “Ali’s Dream” prior to the final of the Million Dollar Race

“Expresso” Another top breeder direct son “National Express” from this line in my loft 3 x 1st Nationals,plus 1st in Thailand and 45th King’s Cup Thailand

“Boxer” Another top breeder from the “Super Couple”

Half brother to Car Winner in South Africa half brother to Sinbad and “Ali’s Dream” 4 x 1st UK Million Dollar Race

1st Prize Final Kaskadoru 420km winning by 1hour 23 min advance 

This top pigeon raced by Tulbita Valentin is bred from 100% Alistair Hogg bloodline on the mother’s side.



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