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My name is Alistair Hogg. I present to you in a clear and distinct way my lofts, my pigeons, their results and the stock building of my super colony which I hope you find informative..

My pigeons have been tested rigorously not only domestically but in over fifteen different countries from Europe to Asia with excellent results.

Many fanciers are benefiting from this exercise  and are winning with stock obtained from myself


unnamed (19)

1st Prize Final China 500km 

Recently I saw a continued example of top results for International fanciers in China that have received my stock.

In Quango after a series of Hot-Spot Races on a very difficult race route with the ‘Final Race’ of roughly 500km from the Northern tip of Hong Kong combined with ‘hard racing conditions’, and persistent headwind.

It soon became clear what was required is extra kilometres on the counter to reach the podium of which there are but a few places.

A grand child of “West Tip”  is the winner of the race

“West Tip” top breeding son of Jayzee.



1st Ace pigeon


1st “Ace” pigeon 2015

Aripi De Curcubeu

One loft race in Romania

50% Alistair Hogg Breeding 





1st national Bulgaria




 1st RO National 2015 in Bulgaria 

This gallant pigeon is 100% Alistair Hogg breeding from3990 birds racing in upto 30 degrees of heat!

Hofkens 351 (Sire of West Tip) x dtr Sebo (Sire Anniversary Girl) x Dtr National Express

This pigeon was also 1st from 922birds.






“Angel” Dam/G Dam to 

9 x 1st in separate Countries

Half sister to “West Tip” 1st International

Half sister to “Ntar” mother to 1st Ace pigeon

Half sister to “Anniversary Girl”

2nd Europa Classic Final and in turn

Dam to 1st Odenworld Derby Germany.




1st Prize in Croatia

Here we see “Neptune” on his nest the 1st prize producing son of “Regal”

Racing in very difficult terrain in the Balkans the versatility of

these pigeons came through.

He is half brother to “Regal Lad” the 3rd open 4th Ace pigeon

in the French young bird Derby.



1st Prize Romania 320km 2015

 Racing from Moldova back to Romania has proved a very

difficult race en route with un predicatable weather and an

un compromising terrain another top result was to be had.

The line was inbreeding Fast Blue x Jayzee x Bakkara.




jayzee eye


The Eye of “Jayzee” the Golden Producer

Her bloodline is like a Golden thread through my family of pigeons.


Bloodlines of her’s pure and crossed have produced top performances

for myself and other fanciers in over 10 different countries! worldwide



regal lad


 “Regal Lad” 4th Ace Pigeon 3rd Open French young bird derby

this is when the young bird derby was liberated with 9743b

He is also sire of 37th Semi Final race Bulgaria 280km

28th Final Super Derby 550km Bulgaria

And his brother was top hot spot winner Million Dollar race.

“Regal Lad” half brother to “Neptune” the sire of 1st prize Croatia.




new globe

 Around the world racing.

1 x 1st Open Semi Final International 2 x 1st Open International

 18 x 1st Country/Section International

3 x 1st open Hot-Spot Races18 x “Ace” pigeon within first 10.

38 Positions within first 10 International

128 positions between 10th – 50th Open International

 155 Positions between 100th – 200th Open International, 89 Positions between 50th – 100th Open International

thailand winner

1st Prize Final Thailand 560km

The pigeon to the left is the winner of 1st International Final Thailand.

Having gone through 29 training tosses up to 240 km and three long distance hot spot race totaling 1100 km, the 614 tough veteran flyers were released from Chiangmai province on December 18, 2013

The father to this pigeon

is bred by Alistair Hogg Sunny Lofts  it was a pigeon that was entered into the Thailand race the year previously and purchased by the winning partnership Vitoon-Pitak

The pigeon is bred in the purple his Grand Father is  ”Rio” he has bred  top performers and is brother to the

                                                                                                   1st Prize Final in the Europa Classic 500km.

anniversary girl eye

 1st International Odenwald Derby

Germany Winner.

Here we have the eye of “Anniversary Girl” the mother of the 1st International Odenwald Derby, Germany

She is not only the mother to 1st International but she is also the winner of the 2nd prize final in the Europa Classic

from 500km.

She is half sister to “West Tip” and “Angel”


Blue Star

Sire of 1st Prize International Semi-Final “Kalimanci” Race Bulgaria

“Blue Star” is Brother to 1st prize winner Million Dollar race winning $200,000.00

don thomson visit

First Prizes in South Africa

result in a visit from

Don Thomson from Capetown he has raced

Exceptionally well with the Bloodline of “Fast Blue”

in pure lines and crossed.

Also Don has featured very highly in the Carnival city one loft race in South Africa.

Flying against the best South African and European fanciers

3rd place final Turkey

3rd Prize Final in Turkey 460km 2015

88th Semi Final

Nest mate was entered in to a one loft race in Moldova 2015

10th Hot spot 190km

58th Semi Final 355km

49th Final 555km

Both these pigeons were bred from a son of Regal Lad x Sally that was 58th Final race Romania 500km 2014.

Don carnival city pigeon

Carnival City One Loft Race

9th In the Final 650km.

8th Best Bird

These results were for Don Thomson in Capetown

the sire was a full brother of “Macro” from the

Golden Breeder “Jayzee”




belgium masters 2012 006

 1st, 2nd, 10th Belgian Masters

From a kit of birds in the 2012 series that i entered

there was a very promising bird that put up the above performances.

The breeding is from

“otto” x Dtr 111 5th National Ace pigeon.


willy wallace cork pigeon


 Double first Federation Winner Cork in Ireland 2015

This terrific cock bred and raced by Willy Wallace from Cork

Carries 50% Bloodline of his Golden Pair

The Golden pair is 100% Alistair Hogg blood

line Zen x Anniversary Girl x Champion 36 (base breeder)


don champion blue hen

“Golden Breeder”

in The Western Cape, South Africa

    This outstanding hen has bred 9th Final  500km in the Klapmuts race, Western Cape the same pigeon flew 5th

    in Hotspot 6 on the way to the final.

   In the same race another pigeon bred by Don Thomson for his friend Keith Addison

   wins the first Prize in Hotspot 4.

 The bloodline of this “Golden Breeder” is from a pigeon entered into the Million Dollar Race by Alistair Hogg  under the Name “Ripspeed” he was a top performer in that competition of that year winning 2nd U.K section 30th Open Overall averages on all Hot spot Races. At the conclusion of the race he was purchased by Don Thomson and bred this top breeder. Breeding “Fast Blue”



 1st Prize South West One Loft Race

 This is a top hen she has bred a list of top performers

From the UK-China

Bloodline “Propere” the crack breeding line of Ace pigeons

of  which the “Kanon” 1st Belgian Ace pigeon,4th National Ace pigeon KBDB

and his nest brother “111″  5th National Ace pigeon KBDB are bred through.


 “Ntar”is grand mother to 1st Ace pigeon Mallorca

Daughter of the “Fast Blue x Jayzee” Entered by fancier friend Jeffrey Cranstone/ Rainbow Lofts


kalimanchi pickup                                     2nd Ace Kalimanci                    

In this photo i’m dropping off my entries for the Race,

Stefan Radev organiser Kalimanci race from Bulgaria checking over my entries for 2014

assisted by Chris Gordon, UK Co Ordinator

From this group of birds i won second Ace pigeon over the entire series plus Accumlative other top results.

This was from the breeding of “Luc”  the mother was full sister to 42nd Final 553km Million Dollar race.

SU13-CA1512 highlander 3rd Ace


 3rd Ace Pigeon Romania 2013

This pigeon also won 4th in the Final race 500kmAnother top result flying out of Ukraine back to Romania

54th Semi Final,8th Hot spot 3,

15th Hot spot 4

She is half sister to dam of 1st Prize Romania 2015.




greece race banner

 AS Golden Pigeon Race, Greece

3rd Ace Pigeon 2014

A Grand Son of “Jayzee” wins 41st 110km, 22nd 140km, 40th Final 430km in 2012.

This pigeon breeds 3rd Ace pigeon 39th in the Final 2014 and a full sister is 42nd in the final 420km 2015.




  Champion Pigeon Fancier William Wallace

Cork, Ireland

12 + First prizes and counting

Here we see Champion Flyer William Wallace from cork with two descendants

of his Golden Pair.

They have bred numerous 1st prizes in Club and Federation,

Gold Ring Winners, Breeder buyers winning both old and young bird races.

This super pair of birds are 100% Alistair Hogg with the lines of Zen, Champion 36 and Anniversary Girl.



SU09CA303 W

1st Prize Odenwald Derby Final Race

This super pigeon not only won the race

but also with another pigeon entered won

the first prize two bird Challenge in the same Event.

From the same father pigeon wins 1st Prize in

domestic racing in Romania 2015.

National Express eye

 Here we have the eye of “National Express” he is sire to 1st National and g/sire to 1st National in Bulgaria 2015

Sire of 1st National

1st Section, 2x1st Federation, 7th Combine 4696 birds

1st Sing Buri Thailand

45th open Kings cup final race, Thailand 560km

57th open hot spot 3 450km Thailand 

34th open Hot spot 2 350km Thailand

96th open Hot spot 1 310km Thailand 

G/Sire to 67th open Tyani one-loft race china


  “National Express” is  line bred to

1st National 31428b, 1st National 59908b, 1st National 22400b, 1st National 38234b, 1st 11500b, 1st 29920b, 1st 16308b, 1st 23441b, and many open one-loft race birds.

Below is a gallery of Champion Racer/Breeders which have won/Bred domestically in the Club and Federation and in turn there brothers/Sisters have won and Bred birds to win in the International races around the world this illustrates the versatility of the family.






Several other champion pigeons await in the light of the above superstars that have brought an extra dimension to Sunny Lofts you can introduce yourself to these and more results through various parts of the website

This website will be constantly upgraded. I look forward to hearing form you.

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