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“Latest News in Brief “

4th Prize 308km in Croatia from 2274 birds goes to Knezevia Zarko with 50% Alistair Hogg breeding.

1st,2nd, 3rd RO National Bulgaria 360km, 1419 birds,2016 are 100% Alistair Hogg breeding for B.O’Sullivan

1st AS fond (525km + 565km) 2361pigeons in Romania, 2016 for Yusuf Karakurt, bred directly from 2 direct Alistair Hogg birds

2nd AS General (6 races- 2021km) in Romania, 2016 for Yusuf Karakurt, bred directly from 2 direct Alistair Hogg birds

3rd Final Race Ribinita (MD) 565km in Romania, 2016 for Yusuf Karakurt, bred directly from 2 direct Alistair Hogg birds

16th Semi Final- Palanka 525km in Romania, 2016 for Yusuf Karakurt, bred directly from 2 direct Alistair Hogg birds

7th Final French Young bird derby One loft race 2016 is 50% Alistair Hogg breeding.

14th Final Race 360km, WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2016.

1st prize Hot spot 1 Dracula Race,Transalvania, Romania.2016

1st,2nd,3rd Bacau, Bulgaria, 1334 birds,2016 are 100% Alistair Hogg breeding for B.O’Sullivan

29th Final Superstar One loft Race 46okm, 36th Ace Pigeon Romania, 2016

1st Prize Hot Spot 2 French Young Bird Derby 2016.

54th Final Race 310km, Derby Brod Race Croatia 2016.

1st U.K 4th open final race 505km, Kalimanci One loft race Bulgaria 2016.

1st Prize Goes to our ten year old son Argyle racing in his first old bird race 2016.

5th and 7th Race 4 in the Derby Brod Race Croatia 2016.

1st prize again to William Wallace in Cork,Ireland this time with a grand child of off his Golden pair that is 100% Alistair Hogg breeding this young pigeon racing into headwind gusts of up to 40mph.

1st,2nd,3rd winners reported from Billy O’Sullivan in Bulgaria 380km 2016 against 1740 birds,

this being related to his 1st RO national winner in 2015 “Fantastic Flying”.

5th Best team over all races Kalimanci One Loft Race 2016.

1st club,1st section, 5th Federation goes to William Wallace from Cork 2016 this is the same bird that won two weeks previously

this being a grand child from his Golden Couple bred by Alistair Hogg this pigeon now named the “Showman”

2nd and 4th open in the Bank Holiday open race with the sale pigeon that won 1st for our son Argyle previously. “Fast Blue” lines.

4 x 1st Pete Stanway from Stockport Retires his excellent racing cock “Ali” 2016 winner of 4 x 1st bred by Alistair Hogg.

1st prize goes to William Wallace from Cork 2016 with a grand child from his Golden Couple bred by Alistair Hogg

3 x 2nd prizes reported in the domestic season in Bulgaria 2016, up to distances of 350km’s 100% Alistair Hogg breeding.

29th Final  Balkanic Fair Play Race 2015.   Berezanka 520km

24th, final Race Belgian Masters 2015.     Tours 460km.

Mark Sands informs me of another “super” 1st prize winner in 2015 winning Top money. Both parents bred by Alistair Hogg

1st Club (97 miles), 3rd Club ( 115 miles), 3rd Club ( 73 miles ), 6th Club ( 182 miles)

2nd breeder/buyer ( 208 miles ) winning £370 – on this day our 2 breeder/buyer entries both dropped together after 4 hours 56 minutes, taking 1st & 2nd and winning a total of £1200.

They were 47 ypm clear!! of the next bird.

1st “Ace” pigeon reported from Romania, Aripi de Curcubeu, Same pigeon was 13th semi final 300km, 21st Final 505km,   2015

1st RO National Bulgaria 3990 birds racing  in up to 30 degrees of heat! 2015

1st Semi Final Balkanic fair play race, Romania 2015,  320km

1st Prize Croatia from Neptune, Son of Top scheele breeder Regal who is also father to “Regal Lad”

1st Bacau, Bulgaria 922b 2015.

8th Final Race WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015

15th Ace pigeon WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015, Also award for special Ace same race.

Mark Sands with another creditable result with both parents bred from Alistair Hogg.

15-29527 has the following positions. 3rd Club 3rd Fed (147 miles)

1st National Flying Club Winners 2015, Lucas and Hill send in the following Testimonial below.

“We were advised and we could obtain the best racing pigeons from Sunny Lofts.

Having only raced for 12 months we benefited from Alistair Hogg’s years of dedication to acquiring the best quality racing pigeons with a worldwide proven winning track record.

With a small kit of birds from Ali, we were able to attain remarkable results. In one season our racing was transformed from a dismal bottom of the sheet, to the TOP!” We will be back for more.

 •  1st Federation & Club (469 Birds).
 1st Combine (739 Birds), 1st Fed & Club (349 Birds)
•  3rd Federation & Club (469 Birds), Dropped with winner.
 3rd Fed & Club (207 Birds), 11th Combine (504 Birds),
•  4th Combine (739 Birds), 4th Fed & Club (349 Birds) Dropped with winner.
•  7th Combine (448 Birds), 30th Fed & Club (205 Birds)
 8th Combine (448 Birds), 31st Fed & Club (205 Birds)
•  9th Fed & Club (498 Birds), 25th Combine (890 Birds)
•  9th Fed & Club (207 Birds), 17th Combine (504 Birds), Winning Gold Ring 5th Prize of £325
 9th Fed & Club (470 Birds), 12th Combine (909 Birds)
10th Combine (739 Birds), 10th Fed & Club (349 Birds)
12th Fed & Club (470 Birds), 14th Combine (909 Birds)
13th Fed & Club (470 Birds), 15th Combine (909 Birds)
14th Fed & Club (470 Birds), 16th Combine (909 Birds)
Gracious Thanks Lucas & Hill – Ivybridge, Devon, England.


5th Prize final Transylvania 2015  is 50% Alistair Hogg blood 2015

1st Prizes reported from Billy Wallace from Cork 50% his Golden Pair that’s 100% Alistair Hogg blood Making it over 12 x 1st’s from this Super Pair.

1st Prizes from local fancier and friend Henry Borthwick with his “Champion 98″

1st B”rlad 1208b Bulgaria Domestic racing for B.O’Sullivan 2015

7th Final Carnival City Alflight race South Africa for Don Thomson

2nd “Ace” pigeon Kalimanci after the full series of  Races 2014

17th  Final Race WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015

3rd Open final Turkgucuermeydani, Turkey Race by fancier in Romania sire is bred from “Regal Lad” x “Sally” 2015

1st,2nd,3rd 1324b Ramnicu Surratt-Club Bulgaria 1324b  domestic racing there 2015.

Ace pigeon results 15th, 41st, 56th, 73rd after all Race’s WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015

11th, 65th, 81st Race 1  WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015

1st club, 1st federation, 1st Combine for Lucas & Hill racing from Lyndhurst , 100 % Alistair Hogg blood 2015.

10th, 11th, 20th Race 2, WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015

11th Race 4,  WG Mistrzow (Champions race) Poland 2015

3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th Vrziceni-club 1377b domestic racing Bulgaria for fancier B. O’Sullivan

1st club, 1st Federation 2015 in my own club for Friend/Fancier Henry Borthwick with his Champion “98″ winner of 6 x 1st + 2 x 1st federation

3rd Club and 3rd federation for Lucas and Hill Kingsdown 2015, These fanciers having a great year with a small group of my birds i sent them additional results below

3rd club, 3rd federation Bedhamptom, 10th club, 10th federation, 10th Combine Lyndhurst, 9th club 9th federation, 12th combine Purbeck,

4th club, 4th federation, 4th Combine  Lyndhurst, 14th club, 14th federation, 16th Combine Purbeck, 7th Combine, Purbeck,13th club, 13th federation, 15th Combine,

9th club, 9th federation, 5th Gold Ring Race Bedhampton, 12th club, 12th federation, 14th Combine, 8th Combine, 9th club, 9th Federation, 25th Combine Purbeck, Fantastic Results!!

Fancier friend Mark Sands informs me of his good pigeon 33374 bred in 2014, Both Parents bred by Alistair Hogg

1st Club 6th Fed (115 miles), 3rd Club (147 miles), 6th Club (97 miles)

This cock won 1st Federation as a youngster Also further references with other birds as below.

Another top performer for Mark is 14-42995 again both parents bred by Alistair Hogg

1st Club 1st Fed 9th Combine (232 miles)

This cock won 1st Club 5th Fed 8th Combine as a youngster

Another top bird is 14-33380 this one is 50% Alistair Hogg breeding.

3rd Club 13th Fed 26th Combine ( 232 miles )

1st club, 1st federation Kingsdown for lucas & Hill 2015

“Hot News” 1st Open International Thailand one loft race final 560km is 50% Alistair Hogg blood the lucky fanciers bought the sire of this winner from the Concluded race in 2011 entered  young from this pigeon in 2013 and win the coveted first prize. Congratulations to them.

Balkanic fair play Race Romania final 500km 2013 4th open and 3rd “Ace” pigeon.

Belgian masters 2013 1st,2nd,10th in last three flights with the same pigeon for Alistair Hogg.Thank you to all who sent congratulations from Belgium, Netherlands etc…..

First prize winner reported from South Africa from the western Cape line of “Fast Blue”!

Winners in Stockport crack racing cock 1 x 1st, 2 x 2nd in three weeks this gallant young pigeon bred by Alistair Hogg.

Continued first prize Success with youngster bred from “SUPER PAIR” from Alistair Hogg in the south of Ireland.

News Just in “Sunny Lofts” win 1st open in the South West One loft race Hot spot race 12th July 2013.

“Super Breeding Hen” entered by Sunny Lofts in International race purchased by Irish fancier at conclusion of the race Auction breeds top pigeons fancier quotes below

“1st club 1st section 2nd open appox 5000 birds winning 1000 euro”
“1st club 1st section appox 3000 birds”
“1st club “
“1st club 11th fed appox 8000 birds”
i have about 7 of her in race team for next year and these have plenty of fed cards between them in say top 20 in fed with up to 14000 birds”
May 2013 “Super Breeding Hen” breeds 1st prize winner again in 2013!!!

May 2013, 3 x 1st prize winners reported same day from three different countries!

International one loft race results updated June 2013

On conclusion of the Kalamanchi one loft race in Bulgaria Alistair Hogg wins 4 x 1st U.K through the series of races up to and including the final Race 430km.

Alistair adds to his international haul of wins with 1st Open overall International Semi-final race Kalamanchi, Bulgaria 2012 280km with participants from 17 different Countries competing.

Mr Lee from Beijing reports tops results 2012 from Stock obtained in 2011, All represented in these results “National Express” “Fast Blue” “Zen” and the wonder breeding Hen “Jayzee”

Allflite one loft race South Africa in the winter race again a very strong result in the final race has been reported by Saltire Lofts 65th open final race 600km.

Chinese version of Sunny Lofts DVD “New for 2012″

October 2012 news in from the Western Cape South Africa Don Thomson wins 6th open International one-loft race in the semi final event and the same gallant pigeon wins 9th open in the final event one week later covering a distance of 600km again the family bloodline of ” Jayzee” flows through this top bird. Well done Don!

More top performances in Romania 2012 information to follow.

French International one-loft race 4th and 11th open in the final race 2012

Pigeons sent out to South Africa take hold in the Cape Town region with 3 x 1st and 2x 2nd reported 2012

French International one-loft race 3rd “Ace” pigeon overall races 2012

6 x 1st National brother’s and sister’s added to stock loft 2012 for breeding 2013.

Mr Salagean from Romania sees the potential of Sunny Lofts stock

“Super Breeder” Regal assures his place in the stock loft having bred top racers in the International races in 2011 in the Million Dollar Race and the French open International Race 2012.

3 x 1st winning testimonial received from Fancier in Southern Ireland 2012 from line of “Champion 36″ old base breeder of the loft

Fancier Friend Henry Borthwick continues his winning streak with 2012 winners from line of “Fast Blue” + “Jayzee” +”Janssen Duiven”

1st Prize winners reported from Fancier in Manchester 2012

Super racing Grand Daughter of both”Fast Blue” and wonder breeder “Jayzee”  3 x 2nd just pipped by decimal each time.

Super breeder”National Express” breeds

“First” region National reported from stock obtained from Sunny Lofts.

Alistair Hogg/Sunny Lofts DVD English version “New”

Super breeder“National Express” breeds 1st club, 1st Section,1st open National

Alistair wins 1st Open International in Germany  from top breeders “Oden” x “Anniversary Girl”

Alistair wins 1st open = International South West one-loft race with “West Tip” son of “Hofkens 351″ x “Jayzee” in 2008