Alistair’s Racing/Breeding loft


Alistair Hogg/Sunny Lofts make Chinese News

6 Gallant pigeons along way from Sunny Lofts race the home skies in China 2012 with good results liberated here along with 6000 international entries

2012 Racing in extreme heat in Romania,my only entry in the semi final race lands in with a creditable 35th open International


Alistair Receiving international winning trophies for 1st open also best 2 bird overall races in Germany.

“International Trophies won”

Mr Huang Jian from China owner of “Racing Pigeon World” visiting Alistair’s Home and Lofts.

Daughter of “Regal” shows excellent potential in the Million Dollar Series 2012.

Alistair’s pigeons have proved they can orientate on a different continent within this race representations from all the top birds housed are proving there potential here in China in 2012

“Pigeon Photographer” of Mr Haung from Racing Pigeon World at Sunny Lofts.

“South West One-Loft race” in this superb loft my entry “West Tip” son of Super breeder “Jayzee” wins 1st open in the Final race from 300 miles.

At the winners Auction after the race “West Tip” was successfully purchased back for a four figure sum and now resides in the stock loft.

It can be noted that the winning pigeons were in exceptional health and this is down to the strict Management applied by the manager of the race Richard Elliott.


Racing pigeons is a family affair our son Argyle proudly showing Chinese visitors our top pigeons.

 Domestic Trophies won.

A super yearling cock after it returned from a hard race to win first Federation/Provincial

“Alistair’s Champion breeder “Jayzee” and her son 1st International winner “West Tip” in the spotlight.


1st open International Kalamanchi  one loft race Semi Final 2012

Huixiang One loft race China


Huixiang park resort and fitness centre


Young Bird Loft


“Arjans Boy” being basketed for the Semi Final Race in Romania 2012