A selection of Some of my International Trophies that have been won 

1st Prize Car Winner Million Dollar Pigeon Race, South Africa

million dollar car

1st Final Winner in the Vadu Volovat One Loft Race 2021

This WINNING bird below was also 3rd “ACE” for Stetco Viorel the mother of this pigeon was bred by Alistair Hogg

A sibling from the same mother as the 1st Final winner was 54th Final in the Transilvania One Loft race 420km.

While at the Doncaster yearly show 2021 i met up with Fancier Billy Ireland who notified me of the TOP breeding results of this cock below that he got through his friend William Wallace this “Top” cock below was bred from a Golden Pair of  breeders bred by Alistair Hogg that had already bred 12 x 1st to date in Ireland.

Further news came that this cock is the G/Sire of 1st Up North Combine !!! that pigeon has recently been sold for a large sum.

1st Final Transilvania One Loft Race 2021

The winner named “Jennings” was also 3rd “ACE” after 5 races

The Grand Sire on the mother’s side “769” was bred by Alistair Hogg he bred 1st Final FLD One Loft race with 9 min’s in advance named “New Impala” and in turn she bred 23rd Final Super Derby and 80th Final Transilvania one loft race named this bird named               “Tumoare”  bred 1st Final Transilvania One Loft Race 420km in 2021.

Three Succesive generations of TOP performing One Loft Race birds bred from the original “769” bred by Alistair Hogg including 2 x 1st Final One Loft Race Winners.

The Bird below has been a “TOP” Producer in South Africa 

This cock bird was entered into the Million Dollar Race and Purchased by Midlands Lofts after the final and went on to be a “Top” breeder breeding 2 x 1st Union Winners flying 615km – 780km !!!!

Bred in the Purple from Alistair Hogg’s TOP bloodlines father is G/Father  to 1st “ACE” for Alistair Hogg and the mother “Lia” bred 1st Transilvania One Loft Race and “Lia” is a Half Sister to “Wilhelm” winner of the Car in the Million Dollar Race and both these pigeons are half siblings to Ali’s Dream 10 x Top results in the Million Dollar Race.

1st Prize Final Kaskadoru 420km winning by

1 hour 23 min advance !!!!

This top pigeon raced by Tulbita Valentin is bred from 100% Alistair Hogg bloodline on the mother’s side.

1st Prize= Balkanic Fair Play Race 500km

For Alistair Hogg with his pigeon named “Hastings”

1st Prize car winner for Alistair Hogg in the Million Dollar Race

The winner named “Wilhelm” has proved a top breeder for it’s new owner in America, Rolando Marrero breeding many top birds.

“Wilhelm” is a son of “Bakkara” she also bred “Ali’s Dream” 4 x 1st U.K Million Dollar Race, “Sinbad” “Boxer” “Dark 14” “Lea” etc………..

After meeting in China i received a “Champion’s” visit to my home and lofts from Gregory Casaert           

M & G Casaert Belgium, 5 x 1st National, Champions !!!!!

Mr Guo from China showing me two birds on my visit to his lofts and home in China, These birds were imported from my loft and have produced TOP performing birds for him.

China has the largest pigeon Community in the world with over 300,000 Fanciers

Guido Madrusan Below from Ontario, Canada after receiving his pigeon from my auction under Feather’s Elite in Canada

The pigeon now named “The Animal” is an outstanding breeder in only two years for Guido the results are unique : First year at stock bred two birds:

                 1st 481km,53rd Final 547km plus 4th overall best bird in the club

Second year at stock :1st 156km, 1st 295km, 1st 387km, 16th Final 547km

Grand Sire to 1st 382km Niagra One Loft Race, 12th 550km Final

Grand Sire to 5th Overall Speed Salem Special One Loft Race

Grand Sire to 2nd SWOA Federation 375km and $$$$ winner

The “Animal” is bred from two pillar breeders in my loft “Wittekop Kannibaal” x “Pandora”

“Expresso” Another top breeder direct son “National Express” from this line in my loft 3 x 1st Nationals have been bred,plus 1st in Thailand and 45th King’s Cup Thailand

1st AS Fond (525km + 565km), 2nd AS General (6 races 2021km)

3rd Final Ribnita- 565km, 16th Semi Final Palanka 525km, 164th FCI Barlad 368km

This top bird is bred from 100% my bloodlines (Alistair Hogg) and was raced by sports friend Yusuf Karakurt from Turkey, on the fathers side we have “National Express” and on the mothers side my phenomenal breeder “Bakkara” mother to the car winner Million Dollar Pigeon race, “Ali’s Dream” “Sinbad” “Boxer” “Lea” “Dark 14” and many other top racers and breeders when she was paired to “Wittekop Kannibaal”

On a visit to this One Loft Race in the suburbs of Beijing, China awaiting the pigeons on the final race day, A Chinese fancier friend told me that a fancier he knew of had won the 1st prize final in a similar race and the father of the 1st Final winner is the “1105” and this pigeon was bred by myself (Alistair Hogg)

In this loft below of which this is only half the size shown of the loft there were two new Jaguar Cars as additional prizes to the Large amount of cash prizes won that day.

Don Thomson from “The Cape” in South Africa below on a visit to my loft and home, Don has been very successful with birds from my lines in South Africa in conjunction with friends racing in his area.

Below are the results from fancier friend Jeffrey Cranstone from Rainbow Lofts highlighting some of the results from a youngster he purchased from myself Alistair Hogg that went on to be a Goldmine Producer that was later named:                                     

“The Perfect Dream”

“The Perfect Dream line bred” International Races 1st AS Paloma Derby El Torcal 2018, 2=1st Final Derby “16-46059” 22nd Final Kalimanci race 505km Bulgaria “15-31066” 34th 505km Kalimanci Race Bulgaria, “15-31071” 45th Final Kalimanci Race 505km, 157th Final Thailand 550km 2016, Derby ULTZAMA Navarra OLR Spain, 9th Semi Final 325km, 111th Open 160km , 155th Open 160km H/Spot 1, 139th Open 240km H/Spot 2.Sofia OLR Bulgaria, 67th Semi Final 280km ,117th H/Spot 2 170km ,24th H/spot 3 210km etc….. 

“The Perfect Dream line bred” Domestic Racing 1st/2nd and 5th club 7th /9th/9th Open 85th 4810 birds /41st. 14581 birds and 42nd open 14500 birds plus a further 13 x 1st,9 x 2nd, club, 3rd open, 4th open, 8th open, 10th open, 12th open, 15th open, 20th open, 22nd open, 23th open Combine, 52nd Section National etc……..  

Congratulations to Jeffrey for sharing his own results and that he bred for others. TOP !!!!!

The Eye of the Golden Producer Perfect Dream below :