Highlighted Results

The final selector is the racing basket and is the one true pedigree as to the quality of your breeding stock but first they must fly for you.

Let us have a look at some high lighted performances in the main sending 14 birds-20 birds.

  • 1st 3245b 1st 3325b 1st 2352b 1st 3826b 1st 1682b 1st 4445b 1st 2127 1st 2665 1st 1720b
  • 1st 4262b 1st 1349b 1st 1950b 1st 2755b
  • 2nd 2384b 2nd 1348b 2nd 3940b 2nd 2896b 2nd 2665b 2nd 1720b 2nd 3510b 2nd 3826b 2nd 4445b 2nd 2693b 2nd 3512b2nd 1491b 2nd 860b
  • 3rd 2434b 3rd 2657b 3rd 2665b 3rd 3826b 3rd 1892b 3rd 3851b 3rd 4417b 3rd 3339b 3rd 2061b
  • 4th 1538b 4th 1368b 4th 2384b 4th 1950b 4th 4262b 4th 2863b 4th 4445b
  • 1st & 2nd 404km 67 ypm clear
  • 1st 440km 20 ypm clear
  • 1st 362km 24ypm clear
  • 1st & 2nd 445km 50ypm clear


  • Club sent 443 birds
  • 1st vel 1496 ypm
  • 2nd vel1468 ypm
  • 3rd vel 1467 ypm
  • 4th vel 1465 ypm
  • 6th vel 1464 ypm
  • Club sent 260 birds
  • 1st vel 1144 ypm
  • 2nd vel 1142 ypm
  • 3rd 1138 ypm
  • 5th 1538b 5th 3826b 5th 3510b 5th 4600b 6th 1644b 6th 2981b 6th 3940b 6th 4262b 6th 2352b
  • 7th 3591b 7th 4262b 7th 3970b 7th 3851b 7th 3245b 7th 3826b 7th 3851b 7th 3129b
  • 8th 2499b 8th 1507b 9th 4262b 9th 3970b 9th 3512b 9th 2061b
  • 10th 3591b 10th 4600b 10th 2059b 10th 2863b 10th 3315b 10th 1637b 10th 1368b
  • 11th 1507b 11th 2981b11th 2434b 11th 3564b 11th 2657b 11th 2061b 11th 2755b
  • 12th 4714b 3752b 12th 2665b 12th 3467b 12th 3161b 12th 4600b 12th 3564b 12th 2061b
  • 13th 1491b 13th 1520b13th 2434b 13th 3245b 13th 4023b
  • 14th 2191b 14th 1936b 14th 3752b 14th 2755b 14th 2473b 14th 2352b 14th 4023b
  • 14th 3339b 15th 3564b 15th 3464b 15th 4023b 15th 3566b 15th 1752b 15th 1865b
  • 15th 3331b 16th 3431b 16th 2434 b16th 2384b 16th 1520b 17th 1105b 17th 2981b
  • 18th 2931b19th 1520b 20th 1720b

An example of True Form

Federation sent 3900 birds

1st vel 1019 ypm 2nd vel 1017 ypm 3rd vel 1011 ypm 5th vel 991 ypm 7th 986 ypm

Federation Sent 4445 birds

1st vel 1064 ypm 2nd vel 1060 ypm 4th vel 1047 ypm

Pigeons must be able to fly against select small numbers over difficult terrain where there ability to think quick could mean the difference between top prizes or nothing.

  • 1st 457b 1st 520b 1st 203b 1st 114b 1st 523b 1st 389b 1st 332 b 1st 385b 1st 285b 1st 222b
  • 1st 312b 1st 295b 1st 245b 1st 120b 1st 298b 1st 240b 1st 193b 1st 324b 1st 217b 1st 198b
  • 1st 234b 1st 203b 1st 142b 1st 217b 1st 254b 1st 339b 1st 375b 1st 311b 1st 264b 1st 165b
  • 1st 323b 1st 309b 1st 276b 1st 377b 1st 260b 1st 228b
  • 2nd 285b 2nd 365b 2nd 442b 2nd 254b 2nd 173b 2nd 141b 2nd170b 2nd 111b 2nd 247b
  • 2nd 203b 2nd 457b 2nd 377b 2nd 260b 2nd 264b 2nd 443b 2nd 193b 2nd 406b 2nd 385b
  • 2nd 198b 2nd 510b 2nd 301b 2nd 438b 2nd 323b 2nd 389b 2nd 355b 2nd 426b
  • 2nd 265b 2nd 359b 2nd 189b 2nd 165b 2nd 142b 2nd 91b
  • 3rd 285b 3rd 339b 3rd 169b 3rd 300b 3rd 375b 3rd 142b
  • 3rd 176b3rd 203b 3rd 221b 3rd 324b 3rd 323b 3rd 475b
  • 3rd 510b 3rd 523b 3rd 260b 3rd 334b 3rd 168b 3rd 276b
  • 3rd 413b 3rd 298b 3rd 443b 3rd 222b 3rd 377b 3rd 91b

Top birds can select themselves

22 times First in the Championship club

Equally with young and old birds

  • 4th 520b 4th 406b 4th 389b 4th 380b 4th 457b 4th 315b 4th 193b 4th 378b 4th 277b
  • 4th 222b 4th 228b 4th 469b 4th 475b 4th 168b 4th 413b 4th 350b 4th 342b 4th 276b
  • 4th 377b 4th 334b 4th 245b 4th 443b 4th 328b 4th 277b 4th 323b 4th 252b 4th 203b
  • 4th 285b 4th 375b 4th 365b 4th 226 b 4th 142b 4th 269b 4th 111b 4th 203b 5th 285b
  • 5th 217b 298b 5th 260b 5th 332b 5th 311b 5th 228b 5th 323b 5th 168b
  • 6th 224b 6th 442b 6th 339b 6th 285b 6th 388b 6th 385b 6th 298b 6th 469b 6th 377b 6th 334b
  • 6th 406b 6th 222b 6th 189b 6th 342b 6th 443b 7th 260b 7th 388b 7th 413b 7th 277b
  • 7th 245b 8th 228b 8th 260b 8th 120b 8th 277b 8th 168b 9th 413b 9th 365b 9th 168b
  • 10th 385b 10th 413b 10th 168b 11th 334b 11th 457b 11th 600b 11th 385b 12th 365b
  • 12th 298b 12th 457b 13th 385b 13th 328b

For top performance, pigeons must have it all

  • background
  • health
  • vitality
  • Stamina

First perfomance winner for the whole of my country