From my Home Loft around the world to Asia

The largest pigeon community in the world with over 300,000 + fanciers

500+ One Loft Races which the participating number is more than 4000 birds in each loft !!

Here i am standing in front of these mega One Loft race lofts housing several thousand birds.

Only the strongest survive with the weather condition’s normally 0-5 degrees this photo was taken on a very cold November day

As far as the eye can see below many thousands of birds,Those fortunate enough to win from this competition can reap enormous amounts of money and fame !!

Some of the lead up prizes that await collection from the lucky fanciers in all there were 7 Cars that were won.

Spectacular One loft race entrances, very well laid out and spotless

At the biggest pigeon show in China, Lang Fang meeting up with sports friend Gerard Koopman discussing the pigeon sport.

My Birds were well received at the biggest Show in China, Lang Fang.

Meeting up with Chinese pigeon fanciers at the show from all parts of China where my birds have been very successful.

Many Sports Friends were made in China

Very Distinguished pigeon fanciers from all backgrounds coming to celebrate an evenings meal with us

Below Sports Friend Filip Pudic presenting me with my first prize certificate for the Derby Brod race, Croatia

Presented at the show in Lang Fang

A great Honor to be invited to view a Chinese fanciers birds and loft.

Mr Huang Jian from China owner of “Racing Pigeon World” one of the largest pigeon mediums in China visiting Alistair’s Home and Lofts.

“Pigeon Photographer” of Mr Haung from Racing Pigeon World at my loft to photograph my birds.

When attending a banquet in Tianamen square in Beijing with Top fanciers and dignitaries i noticed this important sign.

Racing pigeons is a family affair our son “Argyle” proudly showing Chinese visitors our top pigeons in the old loft prior to the NEW double level loft being built..

6 Gallant pigeons along way from their home/birth loft in Scotland/UK race the home skies in China with good results liberated here along with 6000 international entries

Magnificent Structures to house the best from China and around the world below is the Huixiang One loft race China

Some European Honours

Being presented with my winners cheque and Trophy for being 1st Prize Final in the Odenworld Derby ,Germany

1st Prize certificate for being 1st in the Kalimanci Race, Bulgaria.

Sun City Million Dollar Race Certificate