World References

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Welcome to my “World References Page”

In this page you will see listed a small selection of various TOP birds and performances for other fanciers around the world that have the bloodlines of “Alistair Hogg” stock in full or part in there genetic make up.

This is testament to the breeding potential in my stock and to the fanciers that have raced them in various countries and competitions in Thailand, South Africa, China, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Canary Islands/Tenerife, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, U.K

1st Car/Cash Prize Derby Arona, Tenerife semi final 2020

75th Final Derby Arona, Teneirife 2020

This TOP pigeon named “Frysian Bullfighter” has on the mothers side the cock  “HOGGY”, this bird was bred by myself (Alistair Hogg) and raced in The Balkanic Fair Play Race in Romania where it scored 52nd Final 500km, and went on to be a “Super Breeder”, it’s worth noting his nest brother was 28th Final Super Derby 550km in the Kalimanci Race, Bulgaria.

1st Final Palanka 420km, 1hour 23 minutes in advance!!

This pigeon had an extra ordinary win by a great margin,its mother was bred by myself  Alistair Hogg, Congratulations to Tulbita Valentin.

The pigeon below was raced by Guido Madrusan in canada

It is a Grand Child of a bird from my loft (Wittekop Kannibaal x Pandora) sold in Auction by Feathers Elite in Canada that has turned out to be a “Foundation” bird in the making for Guido Madrusan.

The Pigeon below is a full sister to the pigeon above 5th Average Speed, For Guido Madrusan, Canada

1st AS Fond (525km + 565km), 2nd AS General (6 races 2021km)

3rd Final Ribnita- 565km, 16th Semi Final Palanka 525km, 164th FCI Barlad 368km

This top bird below is bred from 100% my bloodlines (Alistair Hogg) on the fathers side we have “National Express” and on the mothers side my phenomenal breeder “Bakkara” mother to the car winner Million Dollar Pigeon race, “Ali’s Dream” “Sinbad” “Boxer” “Lea” “Dark 14” and many other top racers and breeders when she was paired to “Wittekop Kannibaal”

1st Final Thailand 560km winning the fancier 30,000 Euro

Having gone through 29 training tosses up to 240 km and three long distance hot spot race’s totaling 1100 km, the 614 tough veteran flyers were released from Chiangmai province and this gallant young pigeon below won 1st Final 560km and 30,000 Euro for the owner Vitoon Patteck the bloodline of this pigeon is 50% Alistair Hogg bloodlines.

1st National Bulgaria, The pigeon below won 1st National and was bred and raced by Billy O’Sullivan in Bulgaria,Bred from 100% Alistair Hogg pigeons

This top racing pigeon below “Queen AS” raced fantastically in Romania 2020, The sire is from my loft and he has also bred a 1st ACE One Loft Race

Results: 3rd ACE Brasov 2020, 13th Final “Forro Ung” 450km, 5th Semi-Final “Horea” 333km, 19th “Zalou” 250km, 217th “Ludus” 140km, The Nest Mate to “Queen AS” was 5th “Valcele” 180km, 28th Semi-Final “Horea” 333km, 134th Final “Forro Ung” 450km 2020

6th Final Kaskadoru Race 420km, 2nd Ace Pigeon 2020

This pigeon below has Similar bloodlines from my loft (Alistair Hogg) as

1st Place Final Palanka 420km

3rd Final Kaskadoru 420km 2020, this pigeon below has the similar bloodlines of the bird above that was 6th Final and 2nd ACE bird in the same race they are both in turn related to 1st Final Palanka 420km Kaskadoru One Loft Race by 1 hour 23 mintes in advance!!!!!!!

11th Derby Sopron 530km, 67th Final 478km 2020

This pigeon below bred by sports friend Sorin Dudu the sire is 100% my pigeon again bred through the line of top breeder “Sinbad” father of 1st semi final 320km Balkanic Fair Play and is half brother of Car winner million Dollar Pigeon Race.

This pigeon below is the second prize winner in Tenerife the mother is 100% Alistair Hogg breeding, The same mother breeds 1st Prize Derby in Tenerife for the fancier Sandro Perez Padron 

5th Final Fauna Orheiului 500km 2020

This pigeon below has on the G/mothers side bloodline from my loft (Alistair Hogg)

This Pigeon below won the 28th Final Balkanic Fair Play Race Romania 510km ,2020  For the Combination KSJ, From Bulgaria. The Grand Father of this pigeon is 100% Alistair Hogg and has proved to be another outstanding breeder in Bulgaria, over 3 Generations :

Sire of “25219” 1st against 3990b, also “55089” 86th Final Race Rimini, 501km in Italy also “55501” 29th Final Race Halkidiki Greece 325km with 100km of this distance being over the sea,154th 336km, 86th 224km, 40th ACE Pigeon, brother to this pigeon 2nd H/Spot 2, 16th Semi Final Halkidiki, Greece

The pigeon Below bred by Italian fancier Ioan Bulgagiu and it was      26th Final 500km , Corabia Winter Race on the mothers side is  100% Alistair Hogg stock

The bloodline of this pigeon on the Dam’s side is that of “Pandora” (mother of Guido Madrusan in Canada’s Foundation breeder, “The Animal”) x with “Sinbad” the extra breeder directly from “Bakkara” the mother of the Car winner in the Million Dollar Pigeon Race

The pigeon Below was 32nd Final, Corabia Winter race 500km and was bred by Karakurt Pigeons in Turkey 

On both the Sire and Dam’s side are G/G children National Express (3 x 1st National) and Dark 14 (Son Bakkara, Mother of the Car winner, Million Dollar Pigeon Race) from my loft *Please note this pigeon is exactly the same way bred as 5th Semi-Final 260km, 31st AS Pigeon, 154th Final “Derby 16” OLR in Turkey !! and in turn both these birds are bred from the same line from my loft that bred for Karakurt Pigeons :

1st AS Fond (525km + 565km), 2nd AS General (6 races 2021km)

3rd Final Ribnita- 565km, 16th Semi Final Palanka 525km, 164th FCI Barlad 368km

The pigeon Below was 5th Semi-Final 260km, 31st AS Pigeon and 154th Final 453km in the Derby 16, OLR race Turkey.

On both the Sire and Dam’s side are G/G children National Express (3 x 1st National) and Dark 14 (Son Bakkara, Mother of the Car winner, Million Dollar Pigeon Race) from my loft

The pigeon below was Raced by Boris Borisov from Bulgaria,2019  The G/Sire is 100% Alistair Hogg the TOP results achieved for this pigeon are impressive as it has to fly additionally each time 100km over the Sea !!!!

This pigeon below was 18th Final Five Star Race 557km the father is from my loft (Alistair Hogg)

What this makes this result so special is the Grand mother of this pigeon in Romania is also mother to the Foundation breeder of Guido Marusdan in Canada both have the bloodline of my TOP breeder “Pandora”, Top results from both sides of the world !!!!!!

This pigeon below “1542” was bred by Alistair Hogg and finished  24th Final in the Derby Kula Race 430km, Kalimanci Bulgaria and has turned out another top breeder in Bulgaria.

The Cock below is sire to 1st Final One Loft race 2017 and he was bred at my loft (Alistair Hogg)

1st “ACE” pigeon Arip De Curcubea 

The 1st Ace pigeon above is 50% Alistair Hogg and his father is below he is also responsible for

9th Final Aripi De Curcubeu 505km, 2nd AS yearlings 16′, 3rd AS Colombodrum Int BTASOV 2020.

ro-15-833423 father 1st ace pigeon 2015

1st Ace pigeon Derby Menorca

This hen below is the Grandmother to 1st Ace pigeon Derby Menorca, Spain, The ACE pigeon was raced by sports Friend Jeffrey Cranstone from Wales.


Another top result below 50% breeding from my loft (Alistair Hogg)

2nd AS pigeon in Croatia 50% breeding of my loft (Alistair Hogg)

This super cock below was bred by myself (Alistair Hogg) and sold at the Lang Fang Show in China and turned out to be a “Superbreeder”

Top Performances in Greece

Top results again this time Greek fanciers with a pigeon

50% Alistair Hogg bloodlines

Top result in Turkey fathers side Alistair Hogg Bloodlines

This pigeon below was raced by Sports Friend Don Thomson from Capetown in South Africa and is 100% my bloodlines (Alistair Hogg)

Top fancier William Wallace from Cork, Ireland from one pair of my bloodlines produces 12 x 1st Prizewinners.Congratulations